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Chapter 33. Help! Finding Technical Supp... > Finding Tech Support on the Web - Pg. 317

Help! Finding Technical Support 317 Even if you get to speak with a great tech support person, you need to be prepared. No tech support person can read minds. You must be able to describe the problem you're having in some detail. Before you call, here's what you need to do: · Write down a detailed description of the problem explaining what went wrong and what you were doing at the time. If possible, write down the steps required to cause the problem again. · Write down the name, version number, and license (or registration) number of the program with which you are having trouble. You can usually get this information by opening the Help menu in the problem program and choosing the About ... command. · Write down any information about your computer, including the computer brand, chip type (CPU) and speed, monitor type, amount of RAM, and the amount of free disk space. In Windows, go to Start, Programs, Accessories, System Tools and click System Information. The opening Sys- tem Information screen gives you most of the details you need. · Make sure your computer is turned on. A good tech support person can talk you through most problems if you're sitting at the keyboard. Inside Tip