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Part: 5 Guerrilla Computing - Pg. 249

249 Part 5. Guerrilla Computing You know the basics. You can survive any program, rearrange your files, and even surf the Internet. You can use your computer to perform specific tasks and have some fun. However, if your computer is running out of memory and disk space, do you know what to do? Can you tune up your computer to make it run at optimum speed? Can you fix a floppy disk that your computer refuses to read? Do you know how to use the portable computing features in Windows? Do you know how to take advantage of the latest computer gadgets and gizmos to download music from the Internet, burn custom CDs, send and receive photos through e-mail, and edit your home videos? In this part, you will learn how to survive in the trenches--how to tune up your own computer with a few savvy techniques, clear useless files from your hard disk, repair diskettes, take your work on the road with a notebook computer or hand-held PC, and have fun with some high-tech computer gear.