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Part: 5 Guerrilla Computing > Life on the Run: Notebook Computing - Pg. 263

263 Chapter 28. Life on the Run: Notebook Computing In This Chapter · Take your show on the road with a laptop or notebook PC · Go farther on a single battery · Stick PC cards in the little slots and get them to work · Dock with the mothership (docking stations) · Phone home to connect when you're on the road · Use a computer that fits in the palm of your hand Going portable introduces several issues you might not have faced with your stationary desktop PC. You need to know how to transfer files from your notebook to your desktop PC, connect to your company's network, insert and remove PC cards, and conserve battery power when you're trying to meet a deadline on the road. Fortunately, Windows provides the tools you need to deal with these and other notebook computing issues. Taking Your Work on the Road with My Briefcase If you have both a notebook and desktop computer, you probably need to transfer files from your desktop computer to your notebook computer to take work with you on trips. If you edit the files on your notebook computer, you then must copy them back to the desktop computer to ensure that you have the most recent versions on both computers.