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Chapter 20. Going Online with America On... > Wandering Off to the Internet - Pg. 191

Going Online with America Online and Other Services 191 On some online services, the forums are scattered throughout the service. For instance, on America Online, you can find places to read and post messages in Member Services, Gardening, and HouseNet. Just press Ctrl+K, type a couple words describing your interest, and click the Go button. You receive a list of places to go that might include links that take you to a message center on that topic. On the Internet forums and message boards are called newsgroups. To learn how to read and post messages in newsgroups, see Chapter 24, "Passing Notes in Newsgroups." Wandering Off to the Internet You will learn all about the Internet in the next few chapters. However, before you leave you should know that most online services offer full access to the Internet. For example, on America Online, you can quickly access the Internet by opening the AOL Services menu, pointing to Internet , and clicking the desired Internet feature: Go to the Web, Newsgroups, or FTP (File Transfer Protocol). If you choose Go to the Web, America Online runs its Web browser and displays its opening (home) page, as shown in Figure 20.5. To navigate the Web, click links just as you do for navigating America Online. The only difference is that the links might look a little different from what you are accustomed to seeing on America Online. Because you are wandering off the service to other services and sites, you don't get the consistent look and feel of America Online. To search for other sites and pages on the Web, click the Search button in the browser toolbar; a search form appears. Enter one or two words to describe what you're looking for and click the Search button. (For more information about navigating the Web, see Chapter 22. Figure 20.5. America Online has the tools you need to wander the Web.