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Chapter 20. Going Online with America On... > Signing Up for an Online Account - Pg. 186

Going Online with America Online and Other Services 186 Signing Up for an Online Account Before you run to the phone and dial those numbers listed in the previous section, check your Windows desktop for an icon named MSN or Online Services. The MSN icon is for The Microsoft Network. The Online Services icon contains additional icons for America Online, EarthLink, Prodigy, and AT&T WorldNet. Click one of these icons and follow the onscreen instructions to install the online service's program from the windows CD, connect to the service, and sign up. Whoa! If you live in a small town or in an area code that the online service doesn't serve, you could be in for a larger bill than expected. You either have to pay long-distance charges to connect to the nearest town or fork over additional money to get a special 800 number to dial. So much for the joys of living in the country! The installation program uses the modem to dial a toll-free number that lists local numbers. After you select a local number (and usually an alternate number, in case the first number is busy), the installation program disconnects from the toll-free connection and then reconnects you locally. Most