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Part: 4 Going Global with Modems, Online Services, and the Internet - Pg. 174

174 Part 4. Going Global with Modems, Online Services, and the Internet How would you like to get the latest news, weather, and sports without lifting your fingers from the keyboard? Connect to an online encyclopedia, complete with sounds and pictures? Order items from a computerized catalog? Send a postage-free letter and have it arrive at its destination in a matter of seconds? Mingle with others in online chat rooms? Or even transfer files from your com- puter to a colleague's computer anywhere in the world? In this part, you learn how to do all this and more. You learn how to buy and install a modem that can keep up with traffic on the Internet; connect to America Online (the most popular online service in the world); tour the Internet; wander the Web; and chat and swap e-mail messages with your friends, relatives, and colleagues. With this section, a modem, and the right software, you're primed to master the information age.