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Chapter 11. Giving Your Documents the Ed... > Redlining and AutoCorrect for Clean-... - Pg. 112

Giving Your Documents the Editorial Eye 112 Word also features AutoCorrect, which automatically corrects commonly mistyped and misspelled words and uppercases the first letter of the first word of a sentence. For example, if you type hte, AutoCorrect automatically changes it to "the." Sound great? Well, it is, assuming that when you type a string of characters, you agree with the correction. However, Auto Correct also takes the initiative of replacing certain character strings with symbols, so if you mean to type :) and AutoCorrect inserts a happy face, you might not find it amusing. Whoa! Although you should never send a document without running a spelling checker on it, don't think that a spelling checker or grammar checker will catch everything. If you typed to when you meant to type too, the spelling checker will not question you; "too" is spelled correctly; it's just the wrong word. The grammar checker might catch this, but you should proofread the document yourself. If AutoCorrect is replacing your entry with a symbol you don't like, you can quickly press the Back- space key to retain your original entry. This undoes the AutoCorrect entry this time only; AutoCorrect