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Part: 2 Get with the Program - Pg. 66

66 Part 2. Get with the Program You didn't buy a computer so you could watch the pretty pictures, drag icons across the screen, or play with the disk drives. You got a computer so you could do some work ... and play a few games. Although this part can't possibly cover all the programs you can run on your computer, the chapters in this part teach you everything you need to know to survive in just about any program. In this part, you learn how to install and run programs, quickly switch from one program to another in Windows, enter commands using menus and buttons, copy and paste data between documents, and print and fax the documents you create. In addition, you learn how to access online help in most programs so you won't have to forage through the documentation for specific instructions. By the end of this part, you'll know how to take any application out of its box and put it to work.