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Part: 2 Get with the Program > Do-It-Yourself Program Installation Guide - Pg. 67

67 Chapter 7. Do-It-Yourself Program Installation Guide In This Chapter · Preinstallation: Can your computer run the program? · Installing programs from CDs · Installing programs from floppy disks · Removing programs to reclaim valuable disk space If you ran out and bought a computer without thinking much about what you were going to do with it, you probably are beginning to realize that your computer doesn't have all the programs you want to use. Maybe you need a financial management program or a game that's a little more animated than Solitaire. The problem is you don't really know where to start. In fact, you don't even know if your computer is equipped to run the program. This chapter can help; here you learn how to pick a program designed for your computer, check to make sure your computer has enough disk space and memory to run the program, and successfully install the program on your computer.