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Chapter 30. Free (or at Least Cheap) Com... > Cleaning Your Disk Drives - Pg. 294

Free (or at Least Cheap) Computer Maintenance 294 · Using a damp cotton ball, wipe paper dust and any ink off of the paper feed rollers. Do not use alcohol. Do not use a paper towel; fibers from the paper towel could stick to the wheels. Cleaning Your Disk Drives Don't bother cleaning your floppy or CD-ROM or DVD drives unless they're giving you trouble. If your CD-ROM drive is having trouble reading a disc, the disc is usually the cause of the problem. Clean the disc and check the bottom of the disc for scratches. If the drive has problems reading every CD you insert, try cleaning the drive using a special CD-ROM drive cleaning kit. The kit usually consists of a disc with some cleaning solution; you squirt the cleaning solution on the disc, insert it, remove it, and your job is done. If you have a floppy disk drive that has trouble reading every disk you insert, you can purchase a special cleaning kit that works like the CD-ROM cleaning kit. Although cleaning the disk drive might solve the problem, the problem also can be caused by a poorly aligned read/write head inside the drive, which no cleaning kit can correct. The Least You Need to Know · Vacuum your system, especially around its ventilation holes. · Wipe the dust off your screen using a paper towel and the cleaning solution recommended by the manu- facturer. · Blow the crumbs out your keyboard with compressed air. · Remove those nasty mouse rings with a toothpick. · Vacuum any ink dust that accumulates inside your printer. · Clean your floppy or CD-ROM drive if it is having trouble reading disks.