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Chapter 30. Free (or at Least Cheap) Com... > Basic Printer Maintenance - Pg. 293

Free (or at Least Cheap) Computer Maintenance 293 Notable Note If you have an optical mouse, it has no mouse ball. A tiny sensor at the bottom of the mouse controls the movement of the mouse pointer. If the clear cover gets dirty, you should wipe it off, but you don't need to disassemble the mouse to clean it. Basic Printer Maintenance Printer maintenance varies widely from one printer to another. If you have a laser printer, you need to vacuum or wipe up toner dust and clean the little print wires with cotton swabs dipped in rubbing alcohol. For an inkjet printer, you might need to remove the print cartridge and wipe the print heads with a damp cotton swab. If you have a combination scanner/printer, you might have to wipe the glass on which you place your original. Inside Tip