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Chapter 16. Formatting and Copying Flopp... > Copying Disks for Friends and Collea... - Pg. 153

Formatting and Copying Floppy Disks and Recordable CDs 153 To reformat a disk, first copy any files you need from the disk to another floppy disk or to your hard disk. Insert the disk in the floppy disk drive, right-click the drive icon in My Computer, click Format , and follow the onscreen instructions. Notable Note Any of several factors can cause disk errors. The read/write head inside the disk drive might go out of alignment over years of use, storage areas on the disk might start to go bad, or the surface of the disk might be smudged or dirty. If you get disk errors with several floppy disks, have the disk drive cleaned, repaired, or replaced. If you're having trouble with a single disk, run ScanDisk on the disk as explained in "Refreshing and Repairing Disks with ScanDisk" in Chapter 27, "Do-It-Yourself Computer Tune-Ups." If ScanDisk makes the disk reada- ble, copy files from the disk to a different disk or to your hard disk, and throw away the damaged disk. Copying Disks for Friends and Colleagues Although illegal, the main reason people copy floppy disks is to pirate software. For ten bucks, you