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Chapter 16. Formatting and Copying Flopp... > Making a Floppy Disk Useful - Pg. 151

151 Chapter 16. Formatting and Copying Floppy Disks and Recordable CDs In This Chapter · Format brand new floppy disks · Reuse a floppy disk without formatting it · Duplicate disks for fun and profit · Preparing CD-R and CD-RW discs for data storage In addition to acting as second-rate Frisbees and first-rate drink coasters, floppy disks and record- able CDs store files and enable you to transfer files from one computer to another. You simply copy the files from one computer to a floppy disk or CD and then insert the floppy disk or CD into the other computer and copy the files from it to the computer's hard drive. You can even send a floppy disk or CD in the mail to one of your friends or colleagues. However, before you can use them in this capacity, you need to know how to format the disks (prepare them to store data) and copy disks. Making a Floppy Disk Useful You get a brand-new box of disks. Can you use them to store information? Maybe. If the disks came preformatted, you can use them right out of the box. If they are not formatted, you must format them with a little help from Windows--but before you dive into this formatting thing, you should know that not all floppy disks are the same. Standard 3.5-inch disks come in two different capacities: 720KB (kilobytes) and 1.44MB (megabytes). Unless your computer is from the Stone Age, you have a 1.44MB drive, which can format and use 720KB or 1.44MB disks.