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Chapter 19. First You Need a Modem > What Went Wrong? - Pg. 183

First You Need a Modem 183 What Went Wrong? Rarely do modem communications proceed error free the first time. Any minor problem or wrong setting can cause a major disruption in the communications between your computer and the remote computer. If you run into a glitch that prevents your modem from dialing, connecting, or communi- cating with a remote system, see "I Can't Get My Modem To Work" in Chapter 32, "Do-It-Yourself Fixes for Common Ailments," for possible fixes. The Least You Need to Know · If you're going the modem route, get a 56Kbps modem that features fax and voice support and supports the V.90 standard. · For easy installation, get an external modem. To save desk space and reduce the number of cables, install an internal modem. · ISDN modems are preferred over standard modems because ISDN deals with digital-to-digital signals, which support significantly higher data transfer rates than standard analog-to-digital modems. · DSL modems offer faster connection rates than even ISDN and have the included advantage of being used over regular phone lines. · Call your cable company to find out whether the company provides cable modem service for your area. · You can use a modem to connect to the Internet or a commercial online service, play multiplayer games over the phone lines, connect to a desktop computer from a remote location, or place free long-distance phone calls over the Internet.