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Chapter 19. First You Need a Modem > Now, What Do You Want to Do with Your Mode... - Pg. 182

First You Need a Modem 182 Whenever you install a new device, you also must install a driver that tells Windows how to use the device. If your modem is plug-and-play compatible, the Windows Add New Hardware Wizard runs when you start your computer and leads you through the necessary steps. If your modem is not plug-and-play compatible and the Add New Hardware Wizard does not start, open the Windows Control Panel (click Start, point to Settings, and click Control Panel) and double-click the Add New Hardware icon. Now, What Do You Want to Do with Your Modem? Before you begin using your modem, you might need some additional software. To determine what software you need, ask yourself what you want to do with the modem. The following list describes some of the common uses for a modem and the type of program required for each use. · Online information services--If you want to connect to an online service (such as Prodigy or America Online), you must start an account and obtain a special program from the service. (Skip to the next chapter for details.) · Surf the Internet--This is sort of like connecting to an online service (in fact, you can connect to the Internet through an online service). You also can connect by using a local Internet service provider. The service provider usually equips you with the software and any other instructions you need to get started. (See Chapter 21, "Doing the Internet Shuffle.") · Games in two-player mode--If you have a game that enables you to play games in two-player mode by using a modem, the program probably contains all the tools you need to play the game over the phone lines. Refer to the user manual that came with the game. · Remote computing--Say you have a computer at work and one at home. You can call your computer at work to get any files you might have forgotten to bring home or you can dial into