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Chapter 19. First You Need a Modem > Installing Your Modem - Pg. 181

First You Need a Modem 181 Installing Your Modem Modem installation varies depending on whether you are installing an internal or external modem. With an internal modem, you must get under the hood of your PC, plug the modem into an open expansion slot, and plug the modem into the phone jack. Just about anyone can install an external modem. All you have to do is turn off the computer and make three connections: · Modem to serial port--Connect the modem to the serial port (usually marked COM) on your computer using a serial cable. · Modem to power source--Plug the modem's power cord into a receptacle on your wall or into your power strip or surge protector. · Modem to phone line--Connect the modem to the phone jack. This is just like plugging a phone into a phone jack. (You also might want to connect your phone to the modem, as shown in Figure 19.1.)