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E-Mail: Postage Free, Same Day Delivery 221 Putting Your Name on a Listserv Mailing List Many professional organizations, clubs, and special interest groups communicate using automated mailing lists generically referred to as listservs . (Listserv is a commercial e-mail list server product, but the term "listserv" is commonly used to refer to any automated e-mail list server, including List- serv, Majordomo, and many others.) On a listserv, a member sends an e-mail message to the listserv, which automatically compiles all the messages it receives and then distributes the compi- lation to all members of the listserv. (The listserv can be moderated to screen out some messages making it less automated.) To find a listserv that interests you, fire up your Web browser and open a Web search tool (for example, Type a word or two that describes your interest and then tack on "list- serv," "mailing list," or "mail." For example, you might type dog listserv. Click the Search or Find button. The results should provide plenty of links to appropriate listservs. Many listservs have their own special instructions for subscribing and unsubscribing. If you have the instructions, read and follow them. You also should write them down, print them, or save them to your disk, so you know how to unsubscribe later. If you don't have instructions, usually you can perform the following steps to subscribe to an automated listserv: 1. 2. 3. Compose a new e-mail message addressed to the listserv. (Most listservs have a subscription address and a posting address. Be sure to use the subscription address.) Leave the Subject or message description text box blank. Type subscribe [listname] [yourname] in the message area (of course, replace [listname] with the name of the mailing list and [yourname] with your name, no brackets). If the listserv has only one mailing list, you might be able to omit the listname.