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Chapter 23. E-Mail: Postage Free, Same D... > Exchanging Files Using E-Mail - Pg. 220

E-Mail: Postage Free, Same Day Delivery 220 Whoa! If you receive a program file or document from someone you don't know, be careful about running the program or opening the document; it might contain a virus. If you want to use the file, be sure to check it first with an antivirus program (see Chapter 26, "Online Security Issues," for details). If you receive a message that contains an attached file, your e-mail program usually displays some indication that a file is attached. For example, Outlook Express displays a paperclip icon, as shown in Figure 23.5. If you double-click the message (to display it in its own window), an icon appears at the bottom of the window or the file's name appears in the Attach text box. You can double-click the icon to open the file, or right-click and choose Save to save the file to a separate folder on your hard drive.