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Chapter 23. E-Mail: Postage Free, Same D... > Ugh! Setting Up Your E-Mail Program - Pg. 215

E-Mail: Postage Free, Same Day Delivery 215 This chapter focuses on Outlook Express, the e-mail program included with Internet Explorer. If you are using a different e-mail program, some of the options described in this chapter might differ; however, the steps for sending and receiving e-mail are similar for most e-mail programs. After you have the information, you must start your e-mail program and then enter the information to set up a new account. If you're using Outlook Express, click the Outlook Express icon on the Windows desktop or in the Quick Launch toolbar, or run the program from the Start, Programs menu or Start, Programs, Internet Explorer menu. Whoa! If you have a unique name, such as Kryzminski, you might want to use a more cryptic e-mail address to deter people from tracking you down. When you first run your e-mail program, it should step you through the process of entering the required information. Just follow the onscreen instructions. If the Internet Connection Wizard does not start or you need to enter information for a different e-mail account, enter the command for creating a new e-mail account (for example, in Outlook Express, you open the Tools menu, select Accounts, click the Add button, and choose Mail). Enter the requested account information as shown in Figure 23.1.