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Chapter 21. Doing the Internet Shuffle > Connecting for the First Time - Pg. 198

Doing the Internet Shuffle 8. 198 9. If your ISP gave you a specific DNS address, choose Always Use the Following and enter the DNS address in the DNS Server text box. If your ISP offers a secondary DNS, enter it so you can still navigate if the first DNS is busy. Refer to Chapters 23 and 24 for information about entering settings for your ISP's e-mail and news servers. After running the Internet Connection Wizard, run My Computer and double-click the Dial-Up Net- working icon; if the Dial-Up Networking icon is not shown, double-click the Control Panel icon and double-click the Dial-Up Networking icon. The Dial-Up Networking folder contains icons for any ISPs that you have set up. Drag the icon for your ISP to a blank area of the Windows desktop to place it in a more convenient location. Connecting for the First Time After you have an icon for connecting to your ISP, you can double-click it to connect to the Internet. When you double-click the icon a dialog box appears, as shown in Figure 21.2, prompting you to type your username and password (supplied by your service provider).