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Chapter 21. Doing the Internet Shuffle > Speeding Up Your Internet Connection - Pg. 201

Doing the Internet Shuffle 201 · Check your modem setup. In the Control Panel, double-click the Modems icon. Click the name of your modem and click the Properties button. Under Maximum Speed, open the drop-down list and choose a speed that is higher than your modem's speed. Try the highest setting. Dis- connect and reconnect to see if your connection speed has increased. · Be sure your service provider supports your modem speed. Some service providers support only up to 33.6Kbps modems. If you have a 56Kbps modem, it only transfers data at the rate that the service provider's modem is operating. · Check and see if your service provider knows that you're using a high-speed modem. In many cases, the service provider gives you a different phone number to use to connect at a specific speed. You may be set up to dial into a slower modem than what the service provider has available. Call your service provider for more information. The Least You Need to Know · Don't even think of trying to surf the Internet with a modem that's slower than 28.8Kbps--Web access is slow even at that speed. · Before you start, obtain all the connection information you need to set up your account from your ISP. · When you're first starting out on the Internet, test drive a full-featured commercial online service, such as America Online. · When you have a little experience under your belt, try a local Internet Service Provider (ISP). Local ISPs often offer more reliable, faster Internet only service. · To set up your Internet connection in Windows, run the Internet Connection Wizard and use it to enter the required connection settings. · If you have trouble connecting to your ISP's computer, retype your username and password and try again to connect. · If you still have trouble connecting to your ISP's computer, or you have a consistently slow connection,