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Chapter 7. Do-It-Yourself Program Instal... > Installing a Windows Program - Pg. 72

Do-It-Yourself Program Installation Guide 72 If you know that you have an SVGA monitor and display card, but you cannot enter the display settings recommended in the previous paragraph, you might not have the proper display driver installed in Windows. The display driver tells Windows how to control the image on your monitor. See "Finding Tech Support on the Web" in Chapter 33, "Help! Finding Tech Support," to learn how to obtain and install an updated driver. Notable Note Your monitor works along with the display card (video card) in your system unit to render images on the screen. The display settings rely as much on your display card as on your monitor. If you have a high-tech display card, you might have additional display options. Installing a Windows Program Although "installing an application" sounds about as simple as installing central air conditioning, it's really more like installing a toaster. Most applications come with an installation program (called setup