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Chapter 7. Do-It-Yourself Program Instal... > Installing a Windows Program - Pg. 73

Do-It-Yourself Program Installation Guide 4. 5. 73 Double-click the file named Setup, Install or its equivalent (refer to the program's installation instructions if necessary). This starts the installation utility. Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the installation. No Install or Setup File? Ninetynine percent of the programs you encounter have an Install or Setup file, so you shouldn't have any problem. However, if the program does not have its own setup utility, installation still is typically easy. Just use My Computer or Windows Explorer to copy the files from the CD or floppy disk to a separate folder on your hard disk. See Chapter 17, "Copying, Moving, and Nuking Folders and Files," for details. To add the program to the Windows Start menu, see "Customizing Your Start Menu" in Chapter 8, "Running and Juggling Programs." Special Considerations for Installing CD-ROM Programs When you install a CD-ROM program, you might encounter a few variations on the installation process. First, many CDs are set up to play automatically when you load them into the CD-ROM drive. In such a case, the program will ask if you want to install it. Answer accordingly. Second, the CD-ROM installation program might give you the option of installing the entire appli- cation or installing only the startup files. By installing only the startup files, you use little space on your hard disk (typically one to two megabytes), and the application runs from the CD-ROM (al- though more slowly). If you have a few spare megabytes, I recommend the full installation. Whoa!