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Chapter 7. Do-It-Yourself Program Instal... > Does Your Computer Have What It Take... - Pg. 70

Do-It-Yourself Program Installation Guide 6. 70 Convert your hard drive from the FAT to the FAT 32 file system, as explained in "Doubling Your Disk Space," in Chapter 27. The FAT 32 file system divides the disk into smaller storage units enabling the disk to store almost twice as much data. (If you have a newer computer, it's likely using FAT 32 or NTFS, the Windows NT file system, already.) How Much Memory Does Your Computer Have? If you're not sure how much memory (RAM) your computer has, you need to find out. When you start your computer, it automatically checks the RAM and displays the entire amount of installed RAM. However, this number may flash by too quickly for you to see it. Fortunately, Windows can show you how much RAM is installed on your system. Take the following steps: 1. 2. 3. 4. In Windows 95 or more recent versions, double-click My Computer. Double-click the Control Panel icon. Double-click the System icon. The System Properties dialog box appears. Click the Performance tab. The Performance status area displays the total physical memory (RAM) installed in your computer, as shown in Figure 7.2.