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Chapter 32. Do-It-Yourself Fixes for Com... > I Can't Hear My Speakers! - Pg. 311

Do-It-Yourself Fixes for Common Ailments 311 Inside Tip If you slide the mouse around on your mousepad, and the mouse pointer doesn't move or skips erratically across the screen, you probably have a dirty mouse. Clean your mouse, as explained in Chapter 30. I Can't Hear My Speakers! Sometimes, for no apparent reason, computers lose their ability to emit sounds. Your computer might be playing audio CDs and other sounds one day and become completely mute the next day. Several things can cause your speakers to go mute. Check the following: · Are your speakers turned on? · Is the speaker volume control turned up? Inside Tip Windows comes with several hardware troubleshooters that can help you track down problems with your mouse, sound card, monitor, network, and other devices. To view a list of troubleshooters, open the Start menu, click Help, and search for "troubleshooter." · Are your speakers (or headphones) plugged into the correct jacks on your sound card? Some sound cards have several jacks, and it's easy to plug the speakers into the input jacks instead of the output jacks. · If you're having trouble recording sounds, make sure your microphone is turned on and plugged into the correct jack. · Does your sound card have a volume control? Some sound cards have a volume control dial on the back of the card (near the speaker jacks). If your sound card has a dial on it, crank the dial all the way up. · Right-click the Speaker icon on the Windows taskbar and choose Open Volume Controls. Open the Options menu, choose Properties, and make sure that every volume control in the list at the bottom of the dialog box is checked. Click OK. Use the sliders to crank up the overall volume, CD volume, and Microphone volume. Make sure the Mute options are not checked.