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Chapter 32. Do-It-Yourself Fixes for Com... > Dealing with Windows in Safe Mode - Pg. 309

Do-It-Yourself Fixes for Common Ailments 309 Inside Tip Some programs have trouble dealing with a large number of colors. Right-click the Windows desktop, choose Properties, and click the Settings tab. Choose 256 Colors from the Colors drop-down list. Don't go lower than 256; some programs do not work with a lower setting. Dealing with Windows in Safe Mode Windows typically starts in Safe mode if you install a wrong device driver (especially a wrong video or mouse driver). In Safe mode, "Safe mode" appears at each corner of the desktop. In most cases, you can simply restart Windows to have it load the previous driver. If on restarting, the Windows desktop is not visible or you cannot use the mouse, restart your computer in Safe mode by per- forming the following steps: 1. If the Windows desktop is visible and Windows responds to your keyboard, shut down Windows using your keyboard. (Press Ctrl+Esc or the Windows key to open the Start menu, and then