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Chapter 32. Do-It-Yourself Fixes for Com... > My Computer Won't Start - Pg. 305

Do-It-Yourself Fixes for Common Ailments 305 Troubleshooting Tactics: Pre-Panic Checklist When you run into a problem that doesn't have an obvious solution, the best course of action is inaction--that is, don't do anything. If you're fidgeting to do something, take a walk or watch Oprah. Then come back and walk through this checklist: · Are there any onscreen messages?Look at the monitor for any messages that indicate a prob- lem. · Is everything plugged in and turned on?Turn everything off and check the connections. Don't assume that just because something looks connected, it is; wiggle the plugs. · When did the problem start?Did you install a new program? Did you enter a command? Did you add a new device? When my speakers went mute, I realized that the problem started after I installed a new hard drive. I had knocked a tiny jumper off the sound card during the hard drive installation. · Is the problem limited to one program?If you have the same problem in every program, the problem probably is caused by your computer or Windows. If the problem occurs in only one program, focus on that program. · When did you have the file last?If you lost a file, it probably did not get sucked into a black hole. It probably is somewhere on your disk, in a separate folder. Open the Start menu, choose Find or Search, and start hunting. Inside Tip