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Chapter 32. Do-It-Yourself Fixes for Com... > Updating the Software for Your Hardw... - Pg. 314

Do-It-Yourself Fixes for Common Ailments 314 · Is your printer marked as the default printer?In My Computer, double-click the Printers icon. Right-click the icon for your printer and make sure that Set as Default is checked. If there is no check mark, select Set as Default. · Is the printer paused?Double-click the Printer icon in the taskbar, open the Printer menu and make sure Pause Printing is not checked. If there is a check mark, click Pause Printing. · Is the correct printer port selected?In My Computer, double-click the Printers icon and double- click the icon for your printer. Click the Details tab and make sure the correct printer port is selected--LPT1 in most cases. · Did you get only part of a page?Laser printers are weird; they print an entire page at one time, storing the entire page in memory. If the page has a big, complex graphic image or a lot of fonts, the printer might be able to store only a portion of the page. The best fix is to get more memory for your printer. The quickest fix is to use fewer fonts on the page and try using a less complex graphic image. · Is it a printer problem?If you have a standard printer that's connected to your computer's parallel port, try printing a simple file list outside of Windows. Go to the DOS prompt (choose Start, Programs, MS-DOS prompt or Start, Programs, Accessories, MS-DOS prompt), type dir > lpt1 and press Enter. This prints the current directory list. If it prints okay, the problem is in the Windows printer setup. If the directory does not print or prints incorrectly, the problem probably is the printer. (Many printers have a button combination you can press to have the printer perform a self test. Check your printer manual.) · If error messages keeps popping up on your screen, Windows might be sending print instructions to the printer faster than your printer can handle them. In My Computer, double-click the Print- ers icon, right-click your printer's icon, and choose Properties. Click the Details tab and increase the number of seconds in the Transmission Retry text box.