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Do-It-Yourself Fixes for Common Ailments 313 Notable Note If a disk is bad, you might be able to salvage it using the ScanDisk, as explained in Chapter 27, "Do-It- Yourself Computer Tune-Ups." If a drive is bad, you have to take it to a computer mechanic to get it fixed or replace the drive (which might be the cheaper option). Usually the problem is that the drive is not spinning at the right speed or that the arm that reads and writes data to the disk is not aligned properly on the disk. · Is the disk full?If you try to save a file to a disk and you get an Insufficient space message, the disk has insufficient free space to hold any more data. Use a different disk. · Is the disk formatted?If you buy new, unformatted disks, you must format the disks before you can use them. · Did you format the disk to the proper density?If you format a high-density disk as a low-density disk, or vice versa, you probably will run into problems when you try to use the disk. · Is the disk bad?Although it's rare, disks do go bad. Some disks even come bad from the man- ufacturer. If you get a Sector not found or Data error message, the disk might be bad. Then again, the drive might need a tune-up. Try some other disks. If you're having problems with all