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Chapter 32. Do-It-Yourself Fixes for Com... > The Computer Won't Read My Floppy Di... - Pg. 312

Do-It-Yourself Fixes for Common Ailments 312 If you still can't get your speakers to talk, right-click My Computer, select Properties, and click the Device Manager tab. Scroll down the list and click the plus sign next to the Sound ... option. If your sound card is not listed, you need to reinstall the sound card driver. If the sound card is listed but has a yellow circle with an exclamation point on it, the sound card is conflicting with another device on your system. Check your sound card's documentation to determine how to resolve hardware conflicts. This can be pretty complicated and might require you to change settings on your sound card (you might have to go inside the system unit). I Can't Get My Modem to Work If your modem can't dial, Windows can help you track down the problem. Double-click the Mo- dems icon in the Control Panel, click the Diagnostics tab, and click the Help button. The Windows Modem Troubleshooter appears. Answer the questions to track down and correct common modem problems, as shown in Figure 32.2.