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Chapter 27. Do-It-Yourself Computer Tune... > Defragmenting Files on Your Hard Dis... - Pg. 256

Do-It-Yourself Computer Tune-Ups 256 If Windows shuts down improperly (if you press the power button on your system unit before Windows is ready, the power goes out, or Windows locks up), Windows might run ScanDisk automatically when you restart your computer. It reminds you to shut down properly next time even though usually it's not your fault. 4. 5. If you want ScanDisk to fix any errors without asking for your confirmation, make sure that Automatically fix errors is checked. (I always choose this option and have never encountered problems with ScanDisk doing something it was not supposed to do.) Click the Start button. Defragmenting Files on Your Hard Disk Whenever you delete a file from your hard disk, you leave a space where another file can be stored. When you save a file, your computer stores as much of the file as possible in that empty space and the rest of the file in other empty spaces. The file then is said to be fragmented, because its parts are stored in different locations on the disk. This slows down your disk drive and increases the likelihood that your computer will lose track of a portion of the file or the entire file. Whoa!