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Chapter 27. Do-It-Yourself Computer Tune... > Refreshing and Repairing Disks with ... - Pg. 255

Do-It-Yourself Computer Tune-Ups 255 Refreshing and Repairing Disks with ScanDisk Windows comes with a utility called ScanDisk that can test a disk (hard or floppy), repair most problems on a disk, and refresh the disk, if needed. What kind of problems? ScanDisk can find defective areas on a disk and block them out to prevent your computer from using defective storage areas in the future. ScanDisk also can find and delete misplaced (usually useless) file fragments that might be causing your computer to crash. You should run ScanDisk regularly (at least once every month) and whenever your computer seems to be acting up (crashing for no apparent reason). Also, if you have a floppy disk that your computer cannot read, ScanDisk might be able to repair the disk and recover any data from it. To run ScanDisk, take the following steps: 1. Choose Start, Programs, Accessories, System Tools, and then click ScanDisk. The ScanDisk window appears, as shown in Figure 27.3. Figure 27.3. ScanDisk can repair most disk problems. 2. 3. Click the letter of the drive you want ScanDisk to check. To check for and repair only file and folder errors, click the Standard option; to check the disk for defects (in addition to file and folder errors), click Thorough. (Thorough can take hours; select it only if you're on your way to bed.) Notable Note