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Chapter 27. Do-It-Yourself Computer Tune... > Cleaning Your Hard Disk Without the ... - Pg. 254

Do-It-Yourself Computer Tune-Ups 254 As you can guess from all the troubleshooting tips listed here, power management features are not perfect. Many computers have trouble waking up after being placed in standby or hibernation modes. If you experience persistent problems with your computer locking up after you enable standby or hibernation modes, disable these features. Cleaning Your Hard Disk Without the Maintenance Wizard Your hard disk probably contains temporary and backup files that your programs create without telling you. These files can quickly clutter your hard disk drive, taking room you need for new pro- grams or new data files that you create. You can easily delete most of these files yourself. The first candidates for removal are temporary (.TMP) files. These are files that your programs create but often forget to delete. You can safely delete all temporary files from your hard drive. Click the Windows Start button, point to Find or Search, and click Files or Folders. Type *.tmp and press Enter. Press Ctrl+A to select all the files and press Shift+Delete. If asked to confirm, click Yes. Gone! You now should have an extra megabyte or more of disk space. (Windows might not be able to delete some .TMP files that it is currently using. If Windows refuses to delete a specific file, write down the file's name and then deselect that file by Ctrl+pointing or Ctrl+clicking its name, and then press Shift+Delete again.) Whoa!