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Chapter 27. Do-It-Yourself Computer Tune-Ups > Speeding Up the Video - Pg. 262

Do-It-Yourself Computer Tune-Ups 262 Techno Talk Your display card may have its own Control Panel for additional performance settings. Check the Start, Programs menu for a program group or icon for running the display card's Control Panel. 3. 4. 5. 6. Open the Colors drop-down list and choose 256. Don't go any lower, or your graphics will look lousy. (If images do look lousy, try the next higher setting.) Drag the Screen Area slider to set the area at 800×600. Click the Advanced button to see what's available. You might see a dialog box with hardware acceleration settings and screen refresh rate settings that you can use to increase the display performance even more. Click OK when you're done. Click OK to save your settings. Windows might prompt you to restart. The Least You Need to Know · Use the Windows Maintenance Wizard to schedule regular tune-ups.