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Chapter 27. Do-It-Yourself Computer Tune... > Doubling Your Disk Space - Pg. 258

Do-It-Yourself Computer Tune-Ups 258 To understand Drive Converter, you must understand how older hard disk drives stored data in the past. If you have a hard drive larger than 500 megabytes, older operating systems (using FAT16) would use 32 kilobytes of hard drive space to store every file with 32 kilobytes or less of data. For example, a 2-kilobyte file would still take up 32 kilobytes of disk space. You could partition your hard disk drive into units smaller than 500 megabytes to make the operating system store files in 4K chunks instead saving you as much as 40 percent of wasted space. However, partitioning the hard disk drive destroys any data that it contains. Drive Converter can perform the optimization without destroying data. Inside Tip In My Computer, right-click the icon for your hard drive and click Properties. Next to File System, you should see FAT32 or FAT16. The only problem with Drive Converter is that it doesn't work on smaller hard disks. If your hard drive is smaller than 512 megabytes, you can use a different utility--DriveSpace. DriveSpace com-