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Chapter 17. Copying, Moving, and Nuking ... > Moving and Copying Folders and Files - Pg. 162

Copying, Moving, and Nuking Folders and Files 162 In Windows 98 you might have trouble renaming files when View as Web Page is on. If Windows won't let you rename a file, open the View menu, click View as Web Page, and then rename the file. Whoa! Windows uses the names of program folders to find the program files it needs to run the programs. If you rename a program folder or file, Windows usually throws a fit and won't run the program for you. Moving and Copying Folders and Files You can quickly move files and folders to reorganize your hard disk. To move an item, simply drag it over the folder or disk icon to which you want to move it. When moving or copying files and folders, keep the following in mind: · To copy or move multiple files or folders, select the items as explained earlier in this chapter. When you copy or move one of the selected items, all the other items follow it.