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Chapter 17. Copying, Moving, and Nuking ... > Renaming Folders and Files - Pg. 161

Copying, Moving, and Nuking Folders and Files 161 Renaming Folders and Files Managing your folders and files is an exercise in on-the-job training. As you create and use folders, you find yourself slapping any old name on them. Later, you find that the name doesn't really indicate the folder's contents, the name is too long, or you are just plain sick of seeing it snake across your screen. Fortunately, renaming a folder or file is easy: · If you click files and folders to select them, click the icon for the file or folder you want to rename. The name appears highlighted, as shown in Figure 17.4. Click the name of the file or folder and type the new name. Click a blank area of the screen to make the name change official.