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Chapter 17. Copying, Moving, and Nuking ... > Selecting Folders and Files - Pg. 157

Copying, Moving, and Nuking Folders and Files 157 Climbing the Directory Tree Before you lay your fingers on any folders or files, you should understand the basic structure of a directory tree. Shake that landfill analogy out of your mind and start thinking of your disk as a big, sterile filing cabinet stuffed with manila folders. Each folder represents a directory that stores files or additional folders. The structure of a typical hard disk is shown in Figure 17.1. The monkey at the top of the tree, C:\, is the root directory; other directories branch off from the root. In the figure, the HOME folder branches off from the root directory (C:\) and includes four subfolders: MEGHAN, RYAN, MEDICAL, and TAXSTUFF. Each of these subfolders contains files. (Don't ask me why the root is at the top of the tree; that's just the way it is.)