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Chapter 17. Copying, Moving, and Nuking ... > Moving and Copying Folders and Files - Pg. 163

Copying, Moving, and Nuking Folders and Files 163 Figure 17.5. In Windows Explorer, you drag files or folders from the Contents list to a disk or folder icon. The Least You Need to Know · Shift+click with your mouse to select neighboring files or folders in a list. · Ctrl+click to select nonneighboring files or folders. · To make your own folder, right-click a blank area, click New, Folder, and then type a name for the folder. · Delete files or folders by dragging and dropping them into the Recycle Bin. · Undelete files or folders by dragging them out of the Recycle Bin. · Rename your files and folders. · Move and copy files and folders using My Computer or Windows Explorer.