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Part: 1 Basic Training - Pg. 1

1 Part 1. Basic Training This is war! From the time you press the power button on your computer to the time you beat it into submission, your computer is trying to defeat you. Its tactics are irrational and overwhelming. You enter a command and your computer emits an annoying, ambiguous beep. You click a button and the manuscript you've been working on for hours disappears in a flicker of light. You try to open a file you created and saved, only to find that it has apparently gone AWOL. With this constant barrage of illogical assaults, the computer hopes to wear you down, to force you into unconditional surrender. To win the war (or at least put up a good fight), you need some basic training. You must learn how to purchase the right computer for your needs and within your budget, get it up and running, poke around with a mouse, identify the computer's disk drives, and navigate Microsoft Windows. This part runs you through the essential drills you need to survive your first encounter with the computer age.