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Part: 1 Basic Training > Kick-Starting Your Computer - Pg. 11

11 Chapter 2. Kick-Starting Your Computer In This Chapter · Set up your new computer · Turn on your computer properly · Restart your computer when it refuses to budge · Turn off your computer without losing your work Computers have come a long way. Back in the '80s you had to perform a little ceremony to start your computer: Insert a startup disk, search for hidden power switches, and even swap floppy disks in and out of your computer as you ran it. Now, turning on a computer is about as simple as turning on a television set (although the computer takes a little longer to warm up). You just press a couple buttons and watch your computer leap into action. In this chapter, you'll learn how to set up your computer, turn on all the computer parts in the proper order, and restart the beast when it refuses to budge. Some Assembly Required Chances are you didn't wait to read this book before you set up your computer. You probably ripped open the boxes and pieced the thing together on your own or with the assistance of a knowledgeable friend. However, if you just purchased your computer (or it just arrived at your front door), read the following cautions and tips before you do anything: