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Chapter 9. Barking Out Commands > Right-Click Context Menus - Pg. 88

Barking Out Commands 88 Right-Click Context Menus I always thought the second mouse button was there in case the left one broke--sort of like an emergency brake. You never used it, but you were glad it was there. However, many programs have begun using the reserve button to do real work. If you right-click some text, a menu pops up that lets you copy, cut, or style the text. Right-click the window's title bar, and you get a menu that lets you print or save the file. Right-click the button bar, and you can turn it off (or turn a different one on). As shown in Figure 9.3, context menus give you a quick look at what's available. Each pop-up menu contains only those options that pertain to the object you clicked, so you don't have to search the whole menu system to find your options. You can try this in Windows (95 or later) by clicking the right-mouse button in the following ways to display context menus for various objects: · Right-click a blank area of the Windows desktop and click Properties to display options for con- figuring your work surface. · Right-click the My Computer icon and click Explore to run Windows Explorer. Techno Talk