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Chapter 9. Barking Out Commands > Quick Keyboard Commands - Pg. 87

Barking Out Commands 87 Figure 9.2. Toolbar buttons enable you to bypass the time-consuming menu system. Quick Keyboard Commands If your boss still thinks WordPerfect 5.1 is the best word processing program in the world (or is just too cheap to upgrade), you might find yourself having to memorize a long list of keyboard com- mands: Shift+F7 to print, F3 for help, and so on. Most of these keystrokes are not intuitive; you have to memorize the keystroke-command combination. Although difficult to learn at first, these shortcut keys can save you loads of time. Like the Great White Whale and the Siberian tiger, function key commands are disappearing fast. Most programs now use Ctrl+key combinations that enable you to bypass their pull-down menus. For example, you might press Ctrl+P to print, Ctrl+S to save a file, and Ctrl+C to copy selected text. These Ctrl+key combinations are a bit easier to memorize, and most Windows programs display shortcut keys next to their corresponding commands on the pull-down menus. Techno Talk Each program has its own name for these button bands. The most popular names are toolbar , button bar, and palette.