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Chapter 9. Barking Out Commands > Button Bars, Toolbars, and Other Shortcuts - Pg. 86

Barking Out Commands · Press Esc to close the open menu. 86 As you flip through any menu system, you might notice that some of the menu options look a little strange. One option is pale. Another is followed by a series of dots. Still others have arrows next to them. Their appearance tells all: Light gray options are unavailable for what you are currently doing. For example, if you want to copy a chunk of text and you have not yet selected the text, the Copy command is not available and appears light gray. An option with an arrow opens a submenu that requires you to select another suboption. An option with a check mark indicates that an option is currently active. To turn the option off, click it. This removes the check mark; however, you won't know it because selecting the option also closes the menu. An option followed by ellipses (...) opens a dialog box that requests additional infor- mation. You will learn how to talk to dialog boxes later in this chapter. Notable Note