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Chapter 31. Backing Up for the Inevitabl... > Restoring Files from Your Backups - Pg. 301

Backing Up for the Inevitable Crash 301 Restoring Files from Your Backups Rarely, if ever, do you need to restore your entire system. If you delete a file accidentally, pull it out of the Recycle Bin and make sure you have recovered the latest version of the file. If the Windows Registry becomes corrupted, start your computer with an up-to-date Windows Startup disk and restore the registry. If an error message appears indicating that a file for running one of your pro- grams is missing, restore that one file from your backup disks or tapes, or reinstall the program. In short, don't panic and restore everything when you encounter one little mishap. If your backup files are old, even a couple of days old, you could lose much of your work by restoring everything when you need restore only one or two files. With that warning in mind, you can proceed to restore files from your backups. In Windows 98 or Me, use the Backup Wizard to restore files. Run Backup (Start, Programs, Accessories, System Tools, Backup), click Restore Backed Up Files, and click OK. Follow the onscreen instructions to restore all the files or only selected files, as shown in Figure 31.3.