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Chapter 31. Backing Up for the Inevitabl... > Backing Up in Windows - Pg. 297

Backing Up for the Inevitable Crash 297 · Iomega's Peerless drive uses 10 or 20GB removable disks and backs up data at a rate of up to 15MB per second. Because backup programs can compress data by a 2-to-1 ratio, you can back up a 40GB drive to a single 20GB disk. The Peerless drive doesn't come cheap--starting at $359 for the 10GB bundle, which includes the drive and one 10GB disk. · Iomega's Zip drive stores only 100 or 250 megabytes per disk, which makes the drive practical for storing data-only backups. If you have a huge hard drive and want to do full backups, you'll find that a Zip drive is limited. · CD-RW drives can store up to 640 megabytes of data on a single disc. You'll still need 8­10 discs to back up a small (5GB) drive, but that's doable. · If you have a DSL, cable modem, or other speedy Internet connection, you can back up your data on the Web. Many of these backup Web sites offer free 10­50 megabytes of space--not enough to back up your entire system, but enough to back up critical data files. Go to,, or for details. Inside Tip