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Chapter 31. Backing Up for the Inevitabl... > Restoring Files from Your Backups - Pg. 302

Backing Up for the Inevitable Crash 6. 7. 302 Click the Next Step button. A list appears showing all the folders and files on the backup tape or disks. Under Select files from the backup set, take one of the following steps: To select all the files in the backup, make sure no folder names are displayed under the drive letter, and check the box next to the drive letter. Skip to step 9. To restore one or two files or folders, click the plus signs to display the folder or contents of the folder you want to restore. Go on to the next step. Inside Tip Copy two or three files to a separate folder on your hard disk, and practice backing up and restoring the files until you feel comfortable working with Backup. Open the Settings menu and choose Options to view available options for backing up and restoring files. 8. To restore the contents of an entire folder, check its box. To restore selected files in a folder, click the name of the folder that contains the file (not the folder's check box), and then check