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Chapter 31. Backing Up for the Inevitabl... > Backing Up in Windows - Pg. 298

Backing Up for the Inevitable Crash 298 In Windows 95 Backup, to select all the folders and files on a disk, the folder list must not be expanded. If the list is expanded, checking the box selects only the files on the root directory of the disk. Collapse the folder list by clicking the minus sign next to the disk. (Windows 98 Backup does not have this problem.) If the check box is gray with a check mark in it, some files or folders on the disk or in the selected folder are selected; others are not. If you don't have a special backup program, use the Windows Backup utility. To run Backup choose Start, Programs, Accessories, System Tools, Backup. In Windows 95, Backup displays a couple introductory dialog boxes, which you can skip with the click of a mouse. (Windows also might search for a tape drive and prompt you to test your drives.) In Windows 98 and Me, the Backup Wizard starts (see the following section for details). Backup then displays a list of the hard disks on your system. After dealing with the preliminaries, take one of the following steps: 1. 2. To back up all the folders and files on a drive, check the box next to the drive's letter. To back up some (but not all) of the folders and files on a drive, click the plus sign next to the icon for the drive. You then can check the boxes next to individual folders and files to mark them for backup (see Figure 31.1).