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Part: 6 “Houston, We've Got a Problem” > Glossary Speak Like a Geek: The Comple... - Pg. 334

Glossary Speak Like a Geek: The Complete Archive 334 virus A program that attaches itself to other files on a floppy or hard disk, duplicates itself without the user's knowledge, and might cause the computer to do strange and sometimes destructive things, such as formatting your hard drive. warm boot To restart a computer without turning the power off. You typically reboot a PC by holding down the Ctrl and Alt keys while pressing the Delete key. This key combination, Ctrl+Alt+Del, is com- monly referred to as the three-key salute. Web See World Wide Web. Web browser A program that enables you to navigate the World Wide Web (the most popular feature of the Internet). See Also World Wide Web. wildcard Any character that takes the place of another character or a group of characters. In DOS, you can use two wildcard characters: a question mark (?) and an asterisk (*). The question mark stands in for a single character. The asterisk stands in for a group of characters. Wildcards are useful for searching for files and filtering file lists. windows A way of displaying information in different parts of the screen. Often used as a nickname for Microsoft Windows. word processor A program that enables you to enter, edit, format, and print text.