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Part: 6 “Houston, We've Got a Problem” > Glossary Speak Like a Geek: The Comple... - Pg. 327

Glossary Speak Like a Geek: The Complete Archive 327 File Transfer Protocol (FTP) A set of rules that govern the exchange of files between two computers on the Internet. fixed disk drive A disk drive that has a nonremovable disk, as opposed to floppy drives, in which you can insert and remove disks. floppy disk A wafer encased in plastic that stores magnetic data (the facts and figures you enter and save). Floppy disks are the disks that you insert into your computer's floppy disk drive (located on the front of the computer). folder The Windows name for a directory, a division of a hard disk or CD that stores a group of related files. See Also directory. font Any set of characters of the same typeface (design) and type size (measured in points). For example, Times New Roman 12-point is a font, Times New Roman is the typeface, and 12-point is the size. (There are 72 points in an inch.) form A fill-in-the blank dialog box commonly used in database applications for entering records into the database. When you complete and enter a form, the database stores the information as a record. See Also field, database, record. format (disk) To prepare a disk for storing data. Formatting creates a map on the disk that tells the operating system how the disk is structured. The operating system uses this map to keep track of where files are stored. format (document) To establish the physical layout of a document including page size, margins, running heads, line spacing, text alignment, graphics placement, and so on. FTP See File Transfer Protocol (FTP). function keys The 10 or 12 F keys on the left side of the keyboard or the 12 F keys at the top of the keyboard (some keyboards have both). F keys are numbered F1, F2, F3, and so on, and you can use them to enter specified commands in a program. geek 1. An overly obsessive computer user who sacrifices food, sleep, and other pleasantries of life to spend more time at the keyboard. 2. A carnival performer whose act usually includes biting off the head of a live snake or chicken. gigabyte A thousand megabytes. See Also megabyte. graphical user interface (GUI, pronounced "GOO-ey") A type of operating system that uses graphical elements, such as icons to represent commands, files, and (in some cases) other programs. The most famous GUI is Microsoft Windows. hard disk A disk drive that comes complete with a nonremovable disk. It acts as a giant floppy disk drive and usually sits inside your computer.